31/10/10 to 02/11/19
The Perthshire trip was planned after securing tickets for the
‘Enchanted Forest’ in Pitlochry. The drive from Glasgow went well,
enjoying the autumn sunset along the way. Once past the roadworks
north of Perth, it was a very pleasant drive to Pitlochry, taking in the beautiful colours of the trees.
Driving into Pitlochery was just lovely, like something from a
Christmas card, with the High Street decorated with fairy lights – also,
the quaint Victorian houses with their pumpkin lights made for a perfect
Driving up to the Pine Trees Hotel was amazing, a stunning tree
lined drive opening up to a beautiful old country house. Inside a warm
welcome awaited, firstly by the friendly receptionist who escorted you to
the bedroom, past a roaring fire and up an elegant marble staircase – the
bedroom was just stunning – bathroom was also amazing.

Pine Trees Hotel, Pitlochry

So then, out in the frosty night back into the town for something to eat.
Found a great wee café bar called ‘Café Biba’ – nice and cosy with great
mac and cheese! Imagine also being served by a friendly Polish waiter
with cool tattoos! Turns out he is also a budding tattoo artist and was
happy to show photos of some of his work.
Then joined the queue for the coach to the ‘Enchanted Forest’ –
very well organised, staff were sticklers for time! Which meant queuing
3 times over, as they wouldn’t let you take a coach before your ticket
time. Once on the coach, it was a short ride to reach the ‘Enchanted
Forest’. From the second you got off the coach, you sensed something
spectacular was about to happen – and it did! Weird ‘cosmos’ music played
and the path into the forest was lit with cool lights and holograms of
constellations beamed onto the path.
There were staff to guide you around the forest – passing by
incredible light installations, hologram shows and incredible light shows –
it was all totally fantastic!

Enchanted Forest, “Cosmos”

The next morning it was off to Killiecrankie – the place of the first
Jacobite uprising. The walk along The Pass Killiecrankie takes you along
the River Garry – an absolute must to go and see in autumn. Got a chance
to watch a wee red squirrel running around the trees! It was simply
stunning, bringing a sense of calm and harmony with nature. Autumn is
just so beautiful.

Next stop ‘The Highland Chocolatier’ in Grandtully. What a
beautiful, cool place – but very easy to overindulge! Well worth a trip for
a perfect hot chocolate on a frosty day.
Kept going along the road to the cute wee town of Aberfeldy –
unfortunately got a little soaked in the rain, but it didn’t spoil anything.
Spent the night in The Townhouse – smart old building with a very modern
refurbishment, it was super trendy! Again, great staff who gave a warm
welcome. Fantastic breakfast including porridge with white chocolate and
Final stop before heading back to Glasgow was Dunkeld, on the
banks of the River Tay. Dunkeld is a sweet wee place, with plenty to
occupy the morning. A visit to the Cathedral provided a chance to catch
up with some history in the small museum – again, more Jacobite history!
Followed by some coffee in one of the cute cafes.
All in all, a great wee trip – but still lots to see in Perthshire, so
need to go back soon!