2 of July 2020. It has been 101 days since lockdown started. Photograph below was taken on the last day before. Unknowingly quite symbolic…

Glencoe Day before official Lockdown in UK

As everything starts moving and we all are about to find out what really “new normal” may look like, I decided to have a look back and summarise what was done… Did I use this time on my favour? Did I fluff about… Not sure, but I believe we all did our best!

I worked on few projects: was gathering stories, contemplating available objects, creating content, reading, video- making, working on my business, exercising, was given a bike so re-enjoy cycling, have a zoom meetings, other platforms meetings, done millions of webinars, eat chocolate, and many more.

Do I feel wiser? Actually, I do.

I figure out what I want to do and start working on it. It feels scary. We all are not sure how our world will really look like after all. What I do know – it will be different. We definitely moved into virtual reality and our presence here will continue. Some of us released that working from home is not so scary, some of us still hate it. Principals changed. Values shifted. Not always and not for all in the direction I would wish for. Challenging times ahead.

I wish myself to have a clear vision: WHO I AM. What I want and more important WHY I want it.

I believe in society when Love and compassion are really in use. When we value each other, our rights, passions, respect believes, looking after our planet and being simple nice human beings. When helping others grow is a part of our philosophy and we are proud to be a community of support.

I want to be. And I want to believe that there are others like me.