Vera Cloe Zebrowska




The truth is that I am not going to give you a finished formula to sucess.  I don’t have it. I believe that we need to do the best we can and know at this very moment, learn from mistakes and ask for help…


You need to tell your story and be clear about WHO you are, WHAT you do and WHY you are doing it. It has to be clear. It has to be honest.

Also: there is NO WAY you can do everything alone. Well, why would you?



Owning a business is overwhelming, time consuming, stressful, nerve wracking and a million other things…
At the same time is rewarding, adventurous, exciting, dream come true, best feeling EVER!
Which one describes you?
Probably, like many of us, you are somewhere in between – sometimes delighted with everything and sometimes not so much. However it is all good YOU JUST NEED A LIFEBELT!

Sometimes it is far away and you don’t see it, but you sense it …
Sometimes you let yourself to believe that you know everything and somhow you cover it up ( mostly from yourself).



“LIFEBELT: a ring of buoyant or inflatable material used to help a person who has fallen into water to stay afloat.”

In this case: let’s accept that we have a limited time ( you know: 24hrs / 7 days / week etc – you got it ). Time is the best asset we all have, yet so many of us have no idea how to use it to their advantage. This also applies to me, since I started working on my business it strikes me how important is to make a proiority list. This includes trying to outsoursing tasks I am not an expert at. I keep looking for my helpers and the right ones emerge. I wish that someone told me that before, or that I’ve heard it before.


“We are not victims of our situation. We are the architects of it.”

Simon Sinek

So I got inspired and I want to share this very powerful and simple message: search for help if you need it!

In your busness, in your life – as much as you need. It works.

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